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  • Applied Economics Dept. at the University of Minnesota
  • Theoretical Economics Dept. at the University of Minnesota
  • The American Economics Association
  • NABE - The National Associaton for Business Economics
  • IAEE - The International Association of Energy Economists
  • American Agricultural Economics Association
  • American Chamber of Commerce Research Association
  • IMF International Monetary Fund
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • OECD, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    Economic Models
  • REMI Regional Economic Models, Inc.
  • ENERGY 2020 and CIGMOD are full function Energy forecasting models and simulation models (all fuels)from Systematic Solutionsl
    Investment Information
  • Investing Information
  • Technical Analysis A to Z an online book on Technical (charting) stock analysis techniques
  • Investor's Encyclopedia
    Cost of Living and Exchange Rate Statistics
  • Statistical Comparisons of Cities
  • Other city data
  • Convert Nominal to Real Dollars
  • Detailed Exchange Rate Data from Olsen and Associates
    Other Economic Data
  • The best general resouce for online-economic data is Resources for Economists on the Internet by Bill Goffe
  • A master list of Time Series Data
  • The top 100 economic organizations by size includes countries and corporations.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Fedstats, which also provides Economic and Financial Indicators
  • Census Bureau
  • Congressional Budget Office
  • Federal Budget
  • World Outlook from the International Monetary Fund
  • Assessing the New Federalism: State-by-State Data
    Economic Literature
  • My Dissertation on The Takeback Effect in Energy Conservation
  • Planning and Market Analysis a Journal that only exists on the web.
  • Link to all Economic Journals available on the Net - Thanks to Veli-Matti Tvrmdlehto
  • Cornell's Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (many monographs online)
  • Complex Systems and Chaos Theory
  • History of Money
  • Statistics Courses on line
  • Microeconomic Practice Problems
  • Inomics a general purpose search engine for Economics/jobs, etc.
  • Hal Varian's Web pages
  • Economics of Networks
  • Economist Jokes
    Job Hunting Resources
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics data on jobs, job outlooks, and salaries, etc.
  • Job Opportunities for Economists
  • Advice on how to get started on your "dream" career
  • Indeed.com
  • Simply Hired
  • Flipdog has a powerful search engine and lots of supporting info for ALL job types.
  • Headhunter.net
  • Monster Job Board
  • Chili Jobs Posting and Job Search Engine
  • Job-Hunt a list of job hunting web pages
  • Jobs.net another job page
  • Resume help/templets
  • Live Career Resume building program
  • Career Recruiting and Transition Strategists
  • For Temporary/Contract employment try Net-Temps

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